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    网址:www.syyl18.com  2022-03-02  作者:admin    阅读:

    Mechanical winding FRP septic tank is a kind of environmental protection equipment specially used to treat domestic sewage. It is made of glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester resin high strength glass fiber composite material and advanced FRP mechanical winding technology.
    主要适用于城市建筑小区、乡镇、办公写字楼、宾馆、学校、医院、部队、风景区、别墅群等污水的处理。 该产品不需任何外来动力和运行费用,节省能源、管理方便,具有很好的的社会效益、环保效益和经济效益。

    It is mainly suitable for the treatment of sewage in urban building districts, towns, office buildings, hotels, www.xiaoyuanshidiao.cnwww.handanbanjia.net.cn www.diandongmenn.cnwww.yanglaoyuann.com.cnwww.buxiugangfengtou.cnwww.zhidiaojia.net.cn

    schools, hospitals, troops, scenic spots, villas and so on. This product does not need any external power and operating costs, saves energy, manages conveniently, and has good social, environmental and economic benefits.



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