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    网址:www.syyl18.com  2022-02-17  作者:admin    阅读:

    预制化粪池模具生产的内部中空,使用的时候,必需要装沙土和水,来起到防撞的作用,同时塑料的特性是轻便移动。从而内部装水是好的选择,因为在使用完以后,水可以快速放掉,然后移动到下一个需要的地点。而内部装沙土,其沙土的价格比水贵,并且在导出沙土扭王块模具 高铁遮板模具  保定室内设计培训 保定平面设计培训的时候,也会比较麻烦。
    The interior of the prefabricated septic tank mold is hollow. When it is used, it must be filled with sand and water to play the role of anti-collision. At the same time, the plastic is characterized by light movement. Thus, internal water is a good choice, because after use, the water can be quickly discharged and then moved to the next required place. The price of internal sand is more expensive than that of water, and it will be more troublesome when exporting sand.



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