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    Construction Technology of Concrete Retaining Wall
    1. Excavation of foundation trench: Excavation of foundation trench in this project is carried out by excavator and manual cooperation. The foundation excavation is carried out in stages with wall construction. First, the laying-out line is measured, the middle line and side line of excavation are determined, the starting point and end point are determined, the pile mark is set up, the elevation and excavation depth are indicated, the excavation is carried out with a 1 m3 backhoe excavator, and the surplus earth is loaded outside the truck to transport the discarded soil. In the construction process, drainage ditches and catchment resistance should be set up according to the actual needs to carry out construction drainage, so as to ensure that the working face is dry and the base is not immersed in water.
    2. Foundation treatment: When a silt or soft soil layer is found in the excavated foundation, soil replacement treatment is required, which is submitted to the supervisory engineer and the owner for approval before construction is carried out.
    3. Construction of gravel cushion: Cast-in-place reinforced concrete retaining wall according to design drawings. The foundation is paved with 20 cm thick gravel cushion and rammed into the foundation soil with a rammer. In order to increase the friction coefficient of the base. The base cushion of prefabricated retaining wall is 10 cm thick of C10 concrete cushion.
    4. Installation of reinforcing bars: First, the cast-in-place reinforcing bars are installed, and the vertical reinforcing bars of the wall are prefabricated. After the foundation is poured with concrete and the concrete reaches 2.5 Mpa, the reinforcing bars of the wall are installed.
    The foundation reinforcement of prefabricated reinforced concrete retaining wall is installed twice. The first time is to install the bottom reinforcement. The foundation reaches a certain strength. After the prefabricated wall is installed, the second-order foundation reinforcement is installed.
    5. Cast-in-place concrete foundation: according to the length of the retaining wall section, the whole section is irrigated one-time, the surface of the clean cushion is measured and laid out, and the vertical mould is irrigated.
    6. Cast-in-place wall concrete: The joint of cast-in-place reinforced concrete retaining wall and foundation should be treated according to construction joints, i.e. first chiseling, chiseling the loose part of concrete and floating slurry, cleaning with water, and then erecting the wall formwork. When concrete begins to pour, first brush a layer of cement slurry or cushion a layer of 2-3 cm thick 1:2 cement mortar on the joint surface and then pour the wall concrete.
    The wall formwork is assembled with seven smooth splints, the vertical spacing of 8 *10 cm is 40 cm, the steel tube is used as the enclosure, the wooden silk of 8 *10 cm is used as the diagonal brace to support, the side die is positioned by the bolt of 16, the bolt spacing is 80 cm, and the bolt perforation can be made by the rigid plastic pipe with the inner diameter of 20-25 cm. When removing the die, the bolt is pulled out, and then the bolt hole is blocked by 1:2 cement mortar. The wall formwork height is apparent. In general, the method of dividing one-time die into top and second-time die is one-time die within 4 meters of height, and divisible two-time die over 4 meters of height can also be one-time die. When the falling height of concrete is more than 2.0m, the concrete should be transported into silos by series barrels or by manual ash separation to avoid the segregation of concrete. Concrete is transported from concrete processing plant to site by concrete truck. Platform is erected on the top of the wall, concrete is lifted by crane to the platform for pouring. Concrete pouring is carried out evenly from the lower part. The thickness of the layer is generally 30n. Inserted vibrator is used to vibrate the concrete. The moving distance of the vibrating rod should not exceed 1.5 times of its acting radius, and the distance between the concrete truck and the side formwork should be kept 5-10cm, so as not to leak or overvibrate. In the process of concrete pouring, if the surface bleeds too much, the water should be drained away in time or water reduction measures should be taken layer by layer, so as to avoid loose roof. After pouring to the top, the surface should be smeared in time, after slurry fixing, and then twice to make the surface smooth.
    In the process of concrete pouring, carpenters, reinforcing bars, electricians and test workers should be sent on duty on site to find problems and deal with them in time.
    The concrete strength parts shall be made at random at the site of mixing or irrigating, and no less than two groups of specimens (3 pieces in each group) shall be made in each working class.
    After grouting, concrete should be sprinkled and maintained in time. The curing time should not be less than 7 days. The side formwork of the wall can be removed 24 hours at room temperature. When removing the formwork, special care must be taken to avoid damaging the wall.
    7. Treatment of expansion joints, settlement joints and drainage holes:
    The expansion joint and the settlement width of the reinforced concrete retaining wall are now watered 2cm (sandwiched 2 centimeters thick foam board or wood plank in the construction joint, and after the construction is finished, wood or foam board is drawn) from the top of the wall to the base, and the three sides of the inside, outside and top sides of the wall are filled with pitch hemp, deep 15cm.
    挡土墙泄水孔为ф10cm的硬质空心管,泄水孔进口周围铺设50×50×50cm碎古,碎古外包土工布,下排泄水孔进口的底部铺设30cm厚的粘土流水槽钢模具 不锈钢铸件 扭王字块模具 井盖钢模具 标志桩模具 调匝式消弧线圈 风冷控制柜 烤漆龙层并历夯实。
    The drain hole of retaining wall is a rigid hollow pipe of 10cm. The drain hole is surrounded by 50 *50 *50cm crushed ancient materials, which are wrapped with geotextiles. The bottom of the lower drain hole is laid with 30 cm thick clay layer and compacted



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