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    Retaining wall is a kind of structure that supports subgrade fill or hillside soil and prevents deformation and instability of fill or soil.
    ▉ 各部分的名称
    ▉ name of each part
    In the cross section of the retaining wall, the part directly contacting with the supported soil is called the back of the wall;
    The part opposite to the back of the wall is called the wall;
    The part in direct contact with the foundation is called the base;
    The top of the wall opposite to the base is called the top of the wall;
    The front end of the base is called the toe of the wall;
    The back end of the base is called the heel.
    Retaining wall can be considered when the subgrade meets the following conditions
    1. 陡坡地段;
    1. Steep slope section;
    2. 为避免大量挖方及降低边坡高度的路堑地段;
    2. In order to avoid a lot of excavation and reduce the height of the slope of the cutting section;
    3. 可能产生塌方、滑坡的不良地质地段;
    3. Unfavorable geological sections that may cause landslides and landslides;
    4. 高填方地段;
    4. High fill section;
    5. 水流冲刷严重或长期受水浸泡的沿河路基地段;
    5. The base sec tuijian:jianchaj.89ix.com hulan.37ix.com.cn zhuce.71ix.com www.hupomuju.cn
    uxingmoju.89ix.com www.liushuicao.cn paishuigou.37ix.com.cn www.moju58.comtion of Yanhe Road is seriously scoured by water or soaked by water for a long time;
    6. 为节约用地、减少拆迁或者少占用农田的地段;
    6. In order to save land, reduce demolition or occupation of farmland;
    7. 为保护重要建筑物、生态环境或其他特殊需要的地段。
    7. To protect important buildings, ecological environment or other special needs.



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